Sunday, November 13, 2011

Goings On

That’s one of my favorite titles for posts, I use it often.  It pretty much covers all the bases when I’m trying to catch up on blogging.   Elias’ little face gives a clue as to what I’ve been up to lately.


If you guessed “taking care of sick kids” you’d be right.  It’s a simple cold really and I’m glad it’s not something worse but boy can they linger and get passed around.  Elias, Zion and I seem to have the worst of it and me not even that bad.  Elias’ nickname for a week or so was Snot Face and Zion was Cough Girl.  I still managed to pick up my camera at least once a day.  Once was it on many days recently though.  I can’t complain about the shots I was getting however.  I’m learning better how to make them count, that’s for sure.

Ice Rose-0975Moon-1058BlueYarn-1072

This next one wasn’t a pic of the day but it’s pretty cute.  Rosie is nearly always on the couch next to me but late one night she decided to curl up with Rob instead.  ColoredPencils-1074

I have to say I can’t complain when the kids stay home from school sick.  It’s easier when I don’t have to worry about buses and driving to schools and I like having all my kids home with me.  And kids who stay home from school sick have to take naps when the two youngest do so I actually get more of a break mid-day than otherwise.  And I liked my sick days when I was growing up, they meant dragging my sleeping bag and a stack of books to my Dad’s recliner where I’d spend the whole day reading and watching PBS and my mom would bring me Sprite and orange juice mixed together.  It does make me feel good to nurture my kiddos too so there’s an added bonus.  I hope that this week is healthier though, sick days aren’t so special when there are too many of them.  :)

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The Johnsons said...

Sorry everyone feels yucky. Very cool shot of the moon though!