Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Back It Up

I have a back log of fun stories and photos to share.  I’m going to try to catch up a little.  These photos are from the 15th.  Rob was out of town and Gideon and Elias were both awake before Gabe was due home from school so I packed them all up, met Gabe getting off the bus and took everyone to the park.

It was cold.  Darn cold.  I made sure I had jackets, gloves and hats for everyone.  They turned down the hats but seemed grateful for the gloves.  Elias even kept his on the whole time we were at the park.  I couldn’t believe it, I don’t think any of my kids have left gloves on at that age.


Look out!  Here comes the bulldog!


Swing!   Whee!


I was so disappointed to see that this one turned out blurry but I still love it.  They are mirrors of each other and it’s just too cute.FunDay-1558





Zion and Gabe like to have races.  Hard to tell who wins though.


My crazy kids, fun despite the cold.  Which I guess is a good thing since it’s not going to get any warmer for quite some time. 

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The Johnsons said...

Way to go! Not just with the park but getting them all hats and gloves. They take up so much space and are a pain to find. What's your hat/glove/scarf storage plan during the cold months?