Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Getting’ Crafty

LA Looks Hair Gel, clear – $2.97

Generic one-gallon freezer bags – .97

Food coloring – in the cupboard

Doing a craft that cost less than $4 and took less than 10 minutes but absolutely thrilled Zion – priceless

Today Zion and I made sensory bags to aid in writing skills and such.  Not like she really needs it, she actually has pretty good skills there, but I saw the craft here and knew I wanted to try it.  And I kind of hope that Gideon will like to play with the bags too and it definitely couldn’t hurt him.

First I plooped a bunch of the hair gel in a bowl and let Zion choose what color to make.  She wanted orange (yay, we can also talk about how colors mix to make other colors) and teal.  Well, she didn’t actually say she wanted to make “teal” but that she wanted to mix blue and green and according to the food coloring box that makes teal.

I fell enamored with the cool pattern the food coloring made as it ran down the hair gel mountain in the bowl.  Oo, pretty.


Then Zion added the green drops.  Two or three drops quickly turned into six or seven by accident so the color ended up more green than teal. What can you do?


She really was trying to be careful.


Then she got to stir.  Oh, how she loves to stir!


In the end we made two sensory bags that the kids can practice writing with their fingers on.  In the post I found the creator inserted laminated photos and pictures.  I figured since both sides of the bags were clear I could just lay the bag over pictures for the kids.  If that doesn’t work I may put some in the next bags we make.  I still have hair gel left (and Lord knows I’m not going to use it on my hair)!


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