Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fall Days

We had a great Fall day here today.  It wasn’t sunny but it was great.  I had Rob buy me a saw the other day and today I got to go out and hack off the bottom branches of the tree outside our backdoor.  This made me SO happy.  Happy because now I can walk more than three steps out our backdoor and not have to hunch over now.  Yay!

Rob and I with the help of the kids got the latches replaced on the bunny cage and the cage all cleaned out and refreshed, dog “flops” picked up, the dead garden plants pulled up, the branches piled up, the bird feeder refilled and the leaves raked and tossed out.  And that was all after lunch and before dinner.  Then Rob and I teamed up in the kitchen and made ham, corn on the cob, stuffed Acorn squash and dinner rolls.  MmMm.  What a great day!


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