Saturday, October 29, 2011

My Girl Is FIVE!

And today we celebrated with a little party.  She got to invite friends from her PreK class and has been talking non-stop about it for weeks now.  Finally, the big day came for her.  My favorite five-year old girl.

To help decorate for her Tangled party I drew Rapunzel's tower on our sliding glass door.  It was not easy to photograph.


After the guest’s arrived and played for a while it was time to open presents.  Princesses and pets galore.




Elias is actually pushing the ride-on train with another child on it.  He’s getting SO big!


Then time for cake!ZionsBirthday-0401


After the party guests left Rob put Zion’s training wheels on the bike that a friend passed down to her.ZionsBirthday-0474

Then Zion, Gideon and Gabe went out for a ride.  All three can scoot around on wheels now that Zion has some of her own.  Yay!


What a great day and glorious weather, thanks God!


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Cedar said...

It was fun and your pictures came out great! I think you captured the windows very well and love the bokeh in them. I love the one of them riding off into the sunset on their bikes :) So fun!