Sunday, October 2, 2011

Steps and Sincerity

My girl.  She’s so sweet.  Today she told me that she wouldn’t be happy if I died.  I touched her face and told her I’d do my best not to for a very long time.  She looked up with a serious face and said “Well, you’d better stay away from dinosaurs then.”

“And lions.”

Thanks for the advice, baby girl, I don’t know if I would have thought of that myself.


And Elias is taking more steps daily.  He’s such a funny boy.  I’d predicted that he’d be my earliest walker as he was showing signs that that would be the case since he was about 6 months old are so.  I was wrong.  Here is at 15 months and I still don’t consider him a walker.  But he’s a wicked fast crawler.  Shoo boy!  When I stand him up that boy gets that mischievous grin of his on and falls to his knees and takes off like a shot.  Who needs to totter along when you can rocket even if it is low to the ground?

Still, I catch him practicing when no one is looking.  Lately he’s learned that he can walk with Zion’s baby doll stroller.  He wouldn’t do it if I asked him to but as he’s discovered it himself and he doesn’t notice me watching I’ve been catching him at it more and more.  And I couldn’t be happier that he’s getting so close.  Not because I’m anxious about whether or not he’s walking but my back needs a break!  That kid is getting HEAVY!

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