Friday, October 3, 2008

Yet Another Time Waster

As if I needed another one. I didn't think I'd get sucked in. At first I thought I'll just play as a guest. I did that twice, maybe three times, before I realized that I wanted my own username. You'll probably feel the same. It's Typeracer. You can practice, race your friends or race random people. I think they need a setting for racing while nursing and typing one-handed. Maybe I'll e-mail them and suggest it. Holding a squirming baby my wpm averages the high 50's/low 60's. I came back after putting Gideon to bed and gave it one more shot with an empty lap and hit 74wpm. Not too bad I guess until you click on the "fastest typists" button and see that some loser with no life guy named Kyle has the record with 196.6 wpm. I think I'll challenge Kyle to a duel! A one-handed typing while nursing duel. I may just have a chance then.

Oh yeah, and gee thanks Beth for making me to visit your blog and then forcing me over to Typeracer. You should be ashamed!


Emily said...

haha, I love those things! My average is 105 and I got up to 133 once!!! I'm gooood. =)

C. Beth said...

I know, it's SO addictive! :) Thanks for the link!