Sunday, October 19, 2008

Straight Out Of the Camera (SOOC)

OK, so I really did miss Saturday today. I thought yesterday was Saturday for most of the day. Or it felt like it was anyway. Today I have been so busy getting the house and things ready for Zion's birthday party tomorrow today that I didn't even realize what day it was. Oh well. Here is my submission for SOOC Saturday. I really love this meme since ALL of my pictures are always straight out of my camera. Unless I crop one they are untouched and even cropping is rare for me. Not because I think I'm so good (so not) but because I'm just too busy.
Today's pic is of Zion and her first sight of a real honest to goodness elephant. Some of you may recall my daughter's fondness for elephants (BTW, I did finally find her elephant the other day - whew!) but I don't think she expected them to be so big. And not only is this picture straight out of the camera I took it without looking. I was holding Zion on my hip at the time which is too close for my camera to focus so I held it cockeyed and off to the side and just clicked blind.

I wish I'd managed to get the elephant in the first one but at least I got one in the second.

Go check out Slurping Life and the other submissions there. Enjoy!


Rachel said...

How sweet! My little guy was surprised by how big his first elephant up close was too!

What a great "first" to capture!

Meg said...

Oh look at her face! What a moment, and great capture!

I'm a military wife, too! (Used to be Army, now Nat'l Guard.) I'll be visiting you again as our own deployment grows near.