Saturday, October 4, 2008

Gabeism of the Day

This one is good enough for a few days really. He's been giving me some good ones lately. Some I remember and some I don't but I repeated this one in my head over and over so that I could remember it until I could write it down or post it.

So yesterday we were driving to my sister's and went under a huge overpass. Gabe says to me "Mama, every time we pass this bridge it makes me think of girls." (You can probably imagine the look of surprise on my face - thinking of girls already - ahhhhhhh!) So I say "How come?" and he says in his dreamiest voice "Because it's so beautiful." Altogether now - awwwwww.

Still, what is he doing thinking about girls so soon? And, as my sister pointed out, what kind of girl is he going to be able to get if he uses lines like "Baby, you're like the most beautiful bridge I've ever seen." Then again, he kind of reminds me of his father. Hmmm.


Rachel said...

How cute! Funny how kids say things that make perfect sense to us, and we're left scratching our heads!

He'll be quite the heartbreaker with that smile!

Just realized that you're "local"... and I've done that dang missed the turn and switched 405 and 167... only I landed in BELLEVUE! :)

Thanks for stopping by our blog - love your pictures!

Jennifer said...

We have a Gabe at our house too, and we have Gabeisms to go with him as well. Ours' is only 2, so they're not quite so complex. But I have to say that this one takes the cake!

Joel said...

Rob and I used to live with a civil engineering major who would watch fishing shows to see the bridges in the background, then comment ceaselessly on them. Mamas, don't let your boys grow up to be civil engineers.

C. Beth said...

LOL, my DH is a civil engineer. :-D He likes bridges though his area of design is water/wastewater treatment plants. Thankfully he doesn't compare me to them though.

lonestar818 said...

LOL, that is so cute! Not sure how successful of a line that would be, but it's really cute :).