Thursday, October 2, 2008

Cool Contest

I love a giveaway (even though I have yet to win one) and have stumbled upon a pretty neat one today. Go here to check it out. Now if I do happen to win this one I'll have to figure out which kid (or me) gets it. I have been wanting to make one for Gabe for a while now and want to make one for me too. I stole Gabe's art gallery space to make our big one-year-count-down-till-Daddy-comes-home calendar and promised him a new space and have yet to deliver. The one that I want needs to fit in a pretty specifically sized space since I'm turning one of my shelving units that has a drop down door into a secretary for me. I have been planning on lining the inner walls of the space (currently housing my nice dishes and wine glasses) with cork board but first I wanted to find a pretty fabric to go over the cork board. Anyway, I digress. Go check out the contest. :)

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Heidi Zawisza said...

Thanks for entering! Good luck!