Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vote For Kerri!

I just got word today that my friend Kerri of Acclaimed Photography has been nominated in the category of Best Photographer in the King 5's annual "Best of Western Washington" contest - wow! Way to go, Kerri! I wish you would take a moment to go here - to check out her pictures and it would be even more awesome if you would vote for her!

I got so excited a moment ago when looking at her pictures because my niece is the beautiful ballerina and the picture captioned "Seated Woman" is my sister. How cool! I know that Kerri has captured at least one award with that picture and I'm so proud it's of my sister. Then as the pictures kept scrolling by my breath caught - it was ME! Oh my and how neat all at once. A little while back Gideon and I played model for Kerri and this was one of the ones that she took. My only regret is that it was before I got my hair cut and lost weight. Oh well, it's still a fabulous picture. Maybe we can play model again someday.

p.s. I noticed that some of the pictures in Kerri's collection don't have the best resolution, but I've seen them in other settings and they're perfect so I place blame on whoever is building/maintaining the King 5 website.

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