Monday, October 20, 2008

I'm Pathetic

I was tagged almost a week ago and forgot to check out my friend's blog to read what I'm supposed to do. I'm so sorry Tiff. Granted I was trying to ready the house for Rob coming home on leave (yep, you read that right, he's home right NOW!) and for Z's birthday party but still, no excuse. Well, here it is without further delay - 7 things you never knew about me and I'll be tagging 5 people.

1) I ran around on my hands and knees like a horse for most of my first dozen years (at least). Much to my mother's chagrin since I was always putting holes in the knees of my pants.

2) I don't like chunks in fruit mixes. Fruit pies, jellies, jams, yogurt. I only like 'em smooth. Chunks make me want to gag.

3) I can't stand having water in my face. That means I don't like splashing in the water at the pool or beach, I never learned to swim properly and I face "out" when I take a shower.

4) My vision is so bad that when I'm not wearing my contacts or glasses I can't see past my nose. Seriously. Everything past that is just vague blobs of color.

5) The old back injury that I have was originally caused by a goat when I was in elementary school (then later exacerbated by another incident with my Husky dog and finally my horse who fell on me). Honest. Cross my heart hope to die.

6) I can't stand checking voice mail. It's such a pain, call your own number, hit buttons, wait while it asks you if you want to hear your messages (well duh, why would I be calling my voice mail then?!) blah blah blah. Therefore, I will never let the phone go to voice mail or the machine if I can avoid it.

7) I was out of high school before I ever owned my own camera. I kept asking for one and my mom kept getting new cameras for other members of my family and then giving me their junk cameras but as far as cameras that actually work, not until after high school.

Well, there you go. Now I'm tagging:

1) Emily because she has nothing better to do being pregnant and having two already.

2) Emily because she just moved to WA and needs to make friends.

3) Marfa to celebrate her new header.

4) Beth because I know she'll post things that will crack us up.

5) Julie to initiate her new blog.

OK ladies, post 7 things we don't know about you and tag five people, it's so easy. :)


Marfa said...

Yikes...well, you know I will do that next week...I JUST blogged. And I changed my header, to the strawberry dipped in chocolate! Mmm!

I enjoyed reading yours!!! I like chunky stuff, I like making yogurt and adding a dallop of jam...more chunks that look like blueberries or strawberries the better to me.

Peter and Abby said...

Julie, It's time to save up for laser eye surgery - seriously, it's the best investment I've ever made!

Julie said...

Thanks Amber, my eye doc has told me that my eyes are so bad that the surgery won't work. It could lessen my perscription but not much else. Still, I may consider it in the future. :)

Steven & Jessie said...

What a cute blog and beautiful kids. It was great to see you at the wedding and spending time talking with you. I have a link from my blog to yours now (stevenandjessie.blogspot).
It will be great to keep up on your family. We will keep you in our prayers while your husband is away.
-Jessie Tripp

Brenda said...

Enjoyed your blog. I ran across it when following a trail of Tags. Bless you!