Sunday, April 18, 2010

Easter - A Little Late

Finally feeling like taking the time to upload gobs of photos. :) Do you remember last Easter? Rob was deployed, Gideon had just gotten out of the hospital, Zion had had the flu, I got it (mildly) then on Easter on the way to my sister's Gabe got it - and left it all over my car. Sometimes it is good to look back so we can appreciate how well things are really going, how "normal" things are.

This year Rob is home, Gideon's health is much better now that we know what was making him so sick and none of us puked! Woohoo!!!

Saturday morning we passed on the neighborhood egg hunt which is held down the street at our park since the weather was questionable and jumped at the chance to do an indoor egg hunt at my friend's church.

The church had the youngest children in a separate section with the eggs in plain sight. Rob took Gideon and Zion there where I'm told Gideon was at first a bit distracted by the toys. Then he found an egg in the play kitchen and that was all she wrote. He was a Master Egg Hunter after that.

Gabe did a decent job competing against older and far more aggressive children. Way more aggressive. I was astounded. They were like starving locusts tearing through the rooms leaving nothing in their wake.

After the egg hunt we grabbed some lunch and went to the Bible book store. We decided that we didn't really want to do Easter baskets. They would get enough stuff and candy and we didn't really want to add to it but we did want to emphasize the real meaning of Easter. We picked out a Bible for Gabe. His first "real" Bible. You know, not one that is just stories or a few hand picked verses with pretty pictures to go along. Gideon and Zion got to pick out a new video, they chose Boz. Boz is supposed to be a bear. That bugs me to no end. To me he looks completely and totally like a dog to me. It's the ears.

The next morning we got them all dolled up to head to church and then to Jamie's for fun and dinner. I even managed to get a picture of all of them smiling and still looking good before we left.

Gabe takes off with gusto. No locusts to compete against.

Zion's really into it and figuring out all sorts of places to look.

Hey, wait. That's not an egg! Gideon finished finding eggs and felt a snack was in order.

Going through the stash. We had forgotten to bring baskets which is why the kids are using their back packs, but, hey, whatever works right.

Funnily enough, Gideon ended up getting all Laffy Taffy and Gabe got all nerds. Each according to their personality which would have been less funny if it had been planned but it just simply worked out that way.

We borrowed some old t-shirts from Jamae and Jessa so the kids could color eggs without staining their clothes. Zion liked her "dress".

Gathering around the table with Jamie and Jessa to get started.

Gideon's trying to test some theories as to what all the excitement is about regarding these weird white things. Nope, it's not the taste.

"Hey, where'd it go?"

"Don't worry, I'll get it back!"

Later he drops an egg in a little too fast and adds some blue dots to go with his yellow hand. So glad we borrowed those t-shirts.

Gabe is tie-dyeing one of his eggs. He was a little bummed when there were no more eggs to color.

Luckily Jamie had Jell-o eggs to satisfy their interests and their appetites.

Before we knew it it was time to go home. A lovely Easter comes to a close. Thank you Lord, for all you have done for us and for all our blessings.