Sunday, April 25, 2010

Happy Birthday, Gideon!

Two years ago we welcomed our third precious baby into our family. Gideon William joined our family at 2:06AM on April 28 (so we're a titch early but we had his party today so...).

Here he is within moments of his birth. Now he is sweet and funny and cuddly and nearly always has a big, cheeky grin on his face. Especially when he is jumping on the couch 'cause he knows he shouldn't be.

He also totally in love with Elmo so picking a theme for his birthday party was easy. I found a carrot cake recipe that is dairy free and discovered Pillsbury vanilla frosting is also dairy free (go Pillsbury!). I really should take a cake decorating class before my kids get old enough to care.

Gideon gets some help from Rob with his first present, some books from Nora, Matthew, Jonathan and Sarah.

Then he opens the book and fuzzy Elmo that Gabe and Zion gave him. (When Rob and I were shopping we nearly put this back on the shelf but forgot. Then when I found it in the bag at home I still thought I'd return it. Good thing I didn't because it was his favorite present I think.)

What do you think?

He also loved the red rubber ball that we paid a whopping $1 for.

And I imagine he'll be spending a lot of time on the Plasmacar that Jamie, Bob, Jamae and Jessa gave him. You make the car go forward by twisting the steering wheel back and forth, that's all.

I think Gabe is a smidge big.

Zion's got it all figured out though.

Time for the happy birthday song and the blowing out of the candle.

He must have like his cake and rice milk ice cream as it appears he's thinking "Back away from my cake, woman!"

He starts eating it as fast as he can when I don't leave him alone.

Our friend Isaac, always a ham for the camera.

And Isaac's big brother Jonathan trying his own pose.

And now the birthday boy is all snuggled in his bed. With his new Elmo of course as well as the Scout dog we bought for him that has learned Gideon's name and can be programmed with different songs as well as Gideon's favorite color and food. He was completely beat by the end of the day. A tired boy is a good boy. And boy is he loved.

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