Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pregnancy Update

I had my follow up ultrasound today. The doctor was checking for growth and position. We were hoping to find a nice growing baby - check! and a head down baby - not check. And, sadly, the doctor told me that this ultrasound shows that the placenta hadn't moved as much as they thought and is still too close to the cervix for a vaginal birth. Whoooooooooosh! That's the sound of my car rushing onward on this roller coaster ride of a pregnancy.

The doctor was confident that the placenta would still move enough for a vaginal birth but I am having a hard time feeling that enthusiastic since this feels like a step backward. At least the baby is growing well and is even more ahead on the chart than before measuring 2 weeks 3 days ahead. They guesstimate that s/he is 4lb 4oz already which is in the 8th percentile.

Baby D was also a big squirm bucket and kept moving away from the technicians wand so at one point she switched to a 3D wand in order to get what she needed. I've never seen the appeal to spending extra money on a 3D ultrasound which is usually how mommies get one so I've never seen one of my babies this way. One look at those chubby cheeks though ... aw, I'm so glad to have it.

So I have another ultrasound in 6 weeks to check for growth, placenta and position. Keep praying for us that everything will be perfect and that we'll be back on track - again, for a natural birth. Thanks so much!

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