Friday, April 16, 2010

Just When I Think

...we have all been sick enough and we'll be healthy for a while we get sick again. Last week Rob and Gabe got sore throats and a cough for a couple of days. I am never one to be outdone when it comes to sickness though and have to "show off" my lack of an immune system so for a week now I've had a sore throat, cough, tiredness (times ten) and sniffles. My cough is nasty and wet and brings up green stuff. Yeah, you really wanted to know that. I won't torture you with more detail just apologize for slacking in the blogging area again.

I really want to post about Easter and some other fun things. I also want to sit down and update my links and my header. I think the pictures of the kids are all about a year old. In kid years that's, like, forever.

So some changes coming up. Don't give up on me. :)

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Marfa said...

Prayers for good health for you and your family...I love that profile pic of you comfy on the couch knitting...