Saturday, September 19, 2009


Our life lately in random photos.

Gideon in one of the cutest pictures of him ever. Look at those cheeks! He's a total walker these days. I think I may have mentioned this but before he was just "mostly" walking, now he's "totally" walking. All over. And he's mischievous. Not a good combo. He loves to get in trouble. He laughs his head of when I say "No!" no matter how stern I say it.

My MOPS group started back up again on the 15th. I am lucky to be a table leader again this year and have the added joy of being the Publicity gal too. At the start of the year I like to give the ladies at my table a little welcome gift. This year I made little scripture blocks. I started with plain wood blocks picked up at the craft store, some paint, Mod Podge (like watered down Elmer's glue), and some cute papers. First paint.

Then Mod Podge on the papers.

Then Mod Podge on the scriptures that you picked out and printed onto regular paper. While things are drying in between steps also Mod Podge a cut pencil box for your daughter who is suddenly into doing homework. Just like big brother. Big brother who is the "Kinderstar VIP" next week! Way to go, Gabe!

A second ago there was a little bird there. No. Seriously. It was so cute. It's probably been eaten by a cat by now. OK, maybe not (but maybe still) but Maisy is a whacko after those birds. Poor birdies. I'm luring them to their deaths.

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Marfa said...

Gideon is SO cute. What a great photo! Your scripture blocks turned out nicely...what an awesome idea. We did MOPS for a while, but my girls are big now.