Thursday, September 24, 2009


It has come to that time. That time when I need to start recording things my baby is saying. First, it was Gabe. When he started saying words I dismissed them as flukes and didn't record them for a while because he was certainly much to young to start talking (right?). Then Zion with her funny little "Ididit!" as one word while she threw her hands up in the air in triumph. She was less than one at that time and I didn't care if she was really saying it or not, it sure sounded like it to me and others so I counted it. Now it's Gideon's turn. He's got "Mama" (or has he prefers, simply "MA!"), "Dada", "hi", "bye", "yay", "Kay-Cue" (thank you) and those sorts of things. And "Kapow!" which he says while smacking himself on the head and that makes us laugh but not as much as how he says "up". He doesn't. He says "pow".

Then I say "no, say UP".

Him: POW!

Me: UP

Him: POW!

Me: UP!

Him: uuPOW!

And we both laugh and I hope that he doesn't learn to say "up" the right way for a long time because it's just too cute.

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