Monday, September 21, 2009

Batman Is Finished!

And I don't mean that in the same way one of Batman's enemies might. No. In fact, Batman is finished in the way that I hope one of his biggest fans will love and appreciate. Back when I first started knitting, nay, even before I could really be called a "knitter" because I still had to look at directions to finish one row of knitting, my sister bought me that Stitch 'n Bitch book that I've mentioned in previous posts. In that book is an illusion scarf. A scarf in which a picture of an alien comes and goes depending on how you look at the fabric. I thought it was pretty cool except for, well, the alien. One day I had an inspired thought. What if I replaced the alien with the Bat symbol? It would make a perfect gift for Jessa, my niece.

I had no idea what I was getting into. First, find picture of Bat symbol online somewhere and print it. Second, put said symbol under graph paper, tape to sliding glass door and trace. Third, color in Bat symbol on the graph paper so that you have a new and blocky symbol. Fourth, get empty graph paper pages. Fifth, color in Bat symbol on graph paper only use every fourth row. Sixth, color in third row on graph paper (and then every fourth row after that) with the negative image. Voila, you have your pattern.
Then knit. And purl And keep knitting and purling. In fact, knit or purl 28,800 stitches. Then bind off and add fringe. SO easy! ;) Actually, it was fairly easy, just time consuming. I'm glad that I gave myself three months to do it because it meant that I didn't have to totally rush and did get to work on - and finish, a number of projects while I had this one on the needles.
Just before I finished it I had Rob take a picture of me working on it while wearing it. It's long. Oh yeah. Long. But, you know, it will keep her really warm. 100% wool. Really, really warm. Now, the picture of me isn't the greatest. Almost so not the greatest that I hesitated to even let anyone see it, but that's beside the point. Just wanted you to know that I know that, yeah, I look really bad in that photo. But the scarf looks great. See, you can't see the Bat symbol AT ALL.
In the next photo with it laid out on the table you can kind of see the symbol because the light coming in the window at it sideways like that makes it show up a little. But in the last photo, taken from the side - KAPOW! There it is in all it's glory.
And I can post about this FINALLY since I was able to give it to Jessa for her birthday over the weekend.


The Wrights said...

What a wonderfully amazing scarf!! I love Batman!! Your so creative!! You amaze me with your skills!! I could go on and on...!

Peter and Abby said...

OooooooOOOooooo. Very cool!

Marfa said...

That's pretty cool...I realize it must've take a lot of work! I'm NOT a Batman fan...actually recently watched "Dark Knight" with my husband (on DVD from the library) and it was terrible. Scary. I like the OLD FASHIONED Batman and Robin!!!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

wow. I don't even understand how you did it, let alone how you arrived at your own directions. . .You are so talented!