Friday, July 9, 2010

Two-Weeks Old

Should we sing Happy Birthday? OK, maybe not. But how 'bout a couple of pictures then.

The two of us got to hang out on the patio swing for a little while tonight after it had cooled off a bit. He seems to like being outside.

After dinner he takes a snooze in his bouncy seat. So cozy and peaceful. Terribly cute as well if I do say so myself.
We had him at the doctor again yesterday for a weight check among other things. I was disappointment to find out he'd only gained about an ounce and half. That is about half of what they expect babies to gain in the same amount of days. We had our regular pediatrician though and he is not worried. He doesn't get worked up about weight gain as long as everything else looks good. I wouldn't say I'm worried but I do wish he'd gain better. Mostly because of my supply issues. Weight gain always has me second guessing myself. If he gained better I would be less inclined to do so. But right now he's all bright eyed and busy watching the little fish on the toy bar of his bouncy seat so I guess he's doing well.


Marfa said...

I think he's a little cute. I wouldn't worry so much about his weight gain, yet. I'm sure the doctors are giving you a hard time though. Keep trying...and don't give up breastfeeding!!!

Kristen Victor said...

Congrats on another beautiful baby! I just love the name Elias!

Hang in there with the weight gain. Both my kids were slow in that department too, I also have supply issues. Fenugreek was my friend for a few months.

My baby (almost 2 yr.) was also 10lb 7oz. and a c-section delivery. I tried to avoid it, but his head was 38.5 cm.and wouldn't fit through!

Congrats again!