Sunday, July 25, 2010

New Math

I know why God gave us another son. Because 3 boys = 1 Zion. She is a force to be reckoned with. She is so darn funny. The attention span of a gnat. But really funny.

She loves Elias so much. I let her feed him all by himself the other day. Look at the pride on her face. She loves helping to take care of him.

Later Elias was hanging out on the floor and he spit up. Not a big deal but she got quite alarmed. She yelped "Oh no! Your baby spilled up!" ha ha ha (OK, so probably I'm the only one to think it's so adorable being the mom and all, but still, had to share.)

Today after church we stopped by a local park that we'd yet to visit. It doesn't have much for play equipment, just one slide and one swing, both of which are too big for Gideon though he doesn't agree, but the thing that caught my eye when we would drive by was a sliver of sand on the river under the cover of tall shade trees. Ooo, if the river isn't too fast that would be perfect for wading with the kids. It is confirmed. Kid tested, mother approved! We will be going back.

Even though we weren't prepared for water play we let the kids go in and Gabe surprised us by soaking himself in the river. He was soaked to the skin. I told him he'd have to take his clothes off for the ride home and he obliged by striping right there in the parking lot. I had only meant down to the undies but oh well. When we got home Zion told him, in a very bossy tone (I think bossy is only one of two tones she possesses really) "You need to go in and put some clothes on, Mister Boy!" I snorted in laughter. On the inside only of course. She seriously doesn't need encouragement in the bossiness area.


On another note, Elias turned ONE MONTH OLD today! Wow. Time flies! Doesn't everybody with a newborn say that? I know I've probably said it every time. Oh well. It makes it no less true. I had great ambitions for the day but between waking, nursing, churching, lunching, wading, nursing, and heading out to my knitting group I totally failed to take pictures of him today. So tomorrow (I hope) to take pictures and later we won't mention that they are actually one-month and one-day pictures.

He's nursing a bit better and still getting supplemented with some formula (but I just bought a better breast pump which I hope will both help increase my supply and give me extra milk to supplement with) but I confess, I'm a chicken and haven't had him in to check his weight. Neither my doctor or my midwife said I needed to but I feel like I should still I'm just afraid. I'm a dork, I know. He's doing really well in all other aspects though so I'm trying to worry about the numbers. Anyway, stay tuned for what I hope to be some really cute pictures. :)

p.s. I'm watching The Goonies right now.

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