Monday, July 26, 2010

Not The Same

When I'd hoped to take pictures today to celebrate Elias turning one-month old (which actually happened yesterday but we all agreed to forget about that, remember?) this isn't what I'd intended.

Elias woke up looking like this:

Keeping it g-rated here.

This one was taken with my cell phone at the doctor's office so the quality is poor but it shows a close up of the white circles within the red areas.

Poor baby. :(

It's all over his neck and cheeks too as well as his arms, legs, bum and around his belly button. Oddly there isn't any rash on his chest or back. See how worried he looks (I think he's actually worried that he'll never eat again, he was waiting for his milk at the moment).

The doctor we saw today is concerned to see a rash like this in so young a baby. She sent us straight to the lab to have a CBC and allergy panel done (please pray it's not a cat allergy. I know that sounds odd but Zion will be heartbroken if we have to get rid of Eva and she won't understand at all). In case it's an allergy I'm to stay away from seafood and peanuts. Darn it. But we should get the blood work back in a few days. Until then we have to keep an eye out for blisters or difficulty breathing, both of which would require an ER visit.

I have to say I was a bit nervous having to go to the lab with him. It was so reminiscent of heading there with Gideon when he was so sick a little over a year ago and them not being able to hit a vein. Then having to take him to the ER and having them stick him over and over trying to place the IV and draw blood, then being in the hospital for a week. Ugh. I was ever so grateful when the tech hit a vein on the first try and I told her so. God bless the nurses!

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The Schueler Family said...

As I read I am praying. My heart breaks at seeing this pictures. Please Lord give the doctors your incredible wisdom and take this nasty rash away from that precious body.