Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Family Fun Day!

We had a day free of appointments so we went out to have some fun. We started off by having breakfast for lunch at IHOP. I confess that the advertisements for their new dishes celebrating the movie Despicable Me (which looks totally cute!) have been tempting me and Rob for a while now. The kids had a great time. Gideon spent most of the time bouncing on the bench seat with half a slice of french toast in his hand (powdered sugar, no syrup). Zion and Gabe got MinionAde with their meals. Rob and I stole sips, it was super yummy.

Then we stopped at Walmart to pick up a pool. The one we've had for a couple of years broke. Naturally Walmart was sold out of anything that wasn't HUGE.

So then we went to Target.


We finished at Target just in time to hit the movie theater. Elias' first movie ever was Toy Story 3. Granted, he won't remember it but he was a very good boy and nursed or slept the entire time. A huge relief to everyone in the theater I'm sure since he was screaming when we walked in (he hates his car seat so far). I'm pretty sure I felt a few eye rolls in the room when we walked in. Gideon, Zion and Gabe were darting about finding seats, Elias was screaming, Rob and I were burdened with snacks, drinks, car seat and diaper bag. All we needed were a few minutes to settle in though and we were golden.

I absolutely loved looking down the row of seats that we occupied to see all three of my oldest babes, their faces aglow from the screen, eyes wide in amazement. They were SO good the whole movie - and it was a LONG movie! Toy Story 3 itself was a pretty good flick. I especially liked the ending but I won't spoil it for you. There was a moment or two that might have been a titch scary but the kids didn't let it bother them and at one point Zion was overcome with emotion and shouted at the characters some advice as to what they should do to get out of their predicament. It was so super cute.

After leaving the theater we headed for home and Rob got the honor of blowing up the new pool. What a guy! This one has a little shower and slide. I hope I won't regret getting the darn thing since now that pretty much means the kids can't play outside without supervision (Gideon is just a bit too young still to not watch around the water). I guess I will be making a home for myself on the patio swing again. Not such a bad place to hang out, especially now that summer weather has FINALLY hit Washington.

Suddenly it was bedtime. Funny how it sneaks up on you sometimes. Now if only I could get myself to go to bed when we put the kids down...

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Marfa said... did so much with all 4 of those kiddos! So was Toy Story good? I have a feeling we'll just wait til it comes out on DVD. I remember taking Olivia who was 2 weeks old with us to the theatre to see "Nemo." She was perfect like your little Elias!