Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tomorrow Is The Day!

The complications in this pregnancy have not resolved to our satisfaction so yesterday I (somewhat tearfully) scheduled a c-section with Dr. S. Even though I have been fortunate enough to have had three (mostly) wonderful vaginal births I still feel a bit cheated. So, I'm trying not to think too hard on it. Rather than "I'm having a c-section tomorrow" I'm trying to go with "I'm meeting my baby tomorrow!"

For those just tuning in it was discovered when I was 20 weeks along that I had complete placenta previa and velamentous cord insertion (bad, bad!). Then later they said the placenta moved and the cord was "just" marginal. Then later they said "oops" the placenta is actually a marginal previa and it has stubbornly stayed that way. The cord is still considered a marginal insertion which is rather a neutral thing at this point since it is not between baby and cervix. Also, the baby has been breech, no transverse, no breech, no head down, oops, no wait transverse, now breech... and finally head down. Not that it matters now.

Given that the baby's last measurements put him/her at about 11lb and my history for hemorrhaging after labor we all, me, Rob and midwife (with Dr. S's encouragement) decided that, given all of the unknowns a c-section delivery would be safest for the two of us.

So, there we are. Next time I post I'll have actual REAL news about the baby. We'll know, in fact, the gender for instance! :) And we'll likely have a name to go with it and no longer be calling him/her Baby D. And we'll know if this one will have beaten Gideon's birth weight of 10lb 7oz.

Back soon!


Anonymous said...

What a bummer! On the bright side, you will get to see your new little one soon and minus labor! May you have a safe c-section, a healthy baby and a quick recovery.

Jessy said...

I'm so excited for you!! I'll be praying for everything to go well and for you to be calm and happy with your beautiful, healthy baby.

Yea! Here's-its-name!

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

hoping and praying everything went well!

Bridget said...

Hi! It's Bridget, from Ravelry ;-) I've been having fun looking at all of your sweet photos!! What a beautiful baby!!! You are so blessed! Your whole family is just precious! And to make you feel better about the c-section, my 6th child was my 7th c/s ;-) I wish I had been blessed to have even just one you truly are a blessed Mama to have had 3 without a c/s ;-) No matter how they arrive, they are just such an incredible miracle! Enjoy that little one! <3