Monday, June 14, 2010

Like A Hole In The Head

I needed one of these...
And yet when we went out for milk yesterday this is what we brought home (and forgot the milk). She is precious and sweet and loves the kids. She was NOT my idea (I will swear that until the day I die). She is Zion's kitty. That girl loves cats. She loves our cats. Our cats tolerate her.

From a distance.

This kitty is staying in her room, in a crate at night with her box and food and water and a bed until she's a little bigger, in the hopes that is where she'll want to stay, bonded with her little girl.

I suggested naming her Fred or Freddie because we picked her up at Fred Myers. Zion wants to name her Eva (after Eve in WALL-E) and Gabe wants to name her Playful.

Because she's playful.

I think we need to get him around more kittens so that he will understand this is not a unique characteristic to this particular kitten. (Not a fan of the name, can you tell.)

Her name isn't set in stone yet.

Rob and I just realized last night that all three of our current cats we acquired when I was pregnant. And honestly, Rob suggested getting two of them. Aw, I just had a thought. Maybe he gets broody too?

She is so stinkin' cute though. And sweet. I think I said that already. But she is.

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woolandchocolate said...

I always want a puppy when I am pregnant. It only took one time to realize that was not a good idea! Cute kitty, though. Every kid needs a pet.