Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Pregnancy Update

Today I am exactly 19 weeks along. Nearly to the halfway point. Yesterday I got to go to that half-way ultrasound where they check the measurements and organs, chambers of the heart, peek at the brain and all that. The kids got to see their new baby sister/brother. They were more interested in the variety of equipment in the room than the blob on the screen though. That's OK, I didn't expect them to be as fascinated as Rob and I were.

The baby looks great. S/he is right up in the 95% for this age. Rob and I both turned out heads when the u/s (ultrasound) tech checked out his/her nether regions. We still want to be surprised.

We did come away with some news that has us lifting up some extra prayers. The doctor who evaluated the u/s has named two conditions that he discovered.

1) placenta previa - this is where the placenta is so low in the uterus that it covers the cervix. As I said during the visit "the Fire Department would not approve, the exit's blocked". Yeah. Hard to deliver a baby when there's no way out.

2) velamentous cord - Someone should just disable Google for pregnant women. Follow my advice, don't research this. There is nothing comforting to be discovered online. I believe reality is less scary. I also believe that God is still in control and knows all about this and how it's going to pan out. So basically, what this means is that the cord, instead of being attached in the center of the placenta (which is kind of shaped like a pizza) it's attached precariously at one edge.

Typically this means that the baby only gets to take advantage of 1/2 to 2/3 of the placenta which results in low birth weights and premature delivery. Well, as I mentioned above my babe is in the 95%. Go baby! The baby is so big that the doctor suggested bumping my due date up by a week. I mentioned that an u/s done at about 8-9 weeks had the baby spot on for size at that date so he left my due date alone.

In regards to problem #1, this is something that often rights itself by delivery. When the uterus grows and stretches the placenta gets shunted to one side and the exit has been cleared. One possible problem with the placenta moving is that this could cause the cord to be compromised. As much as I'd love to have a natural delivery at my local birth center I'd prefer to give birth to a live baby in a non-emergency situation. So BIG prayer there. If that placenta decides to move, it REALLY needs to take that cord with it.

For the time being, the next 6 weeks to be precise, I'm on "pelvic rest" (nookie is a no-no) and forbidden to lift. Anything. Yeah. I laughed too. I am eliminating what lifting I can but it would be impossible, without having a personal lifting assistant with me all day, to eliminate it entirely. Shhh, don't tell my doctor. I really am being careful and also reminding myself that God can guard my little one as He has so far.

If nothing changes than most likely I will be delivering by c-section, possibly as early as 35 weeks to prevent spontaneous labor which could be extremely detrimental to me and my baby. In 6 weeks we'll have another u/s, that's lots of time to pray. :)


Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

I've been so busy that I had NO IDEA you were pregnant again! Congrats! I'll be praying everything works out and that you and baby quatro are perfectly normal and healthy. Congrats again!!

Marfa said...

God will take care of you I'm sure...I'm praying for your baby in vitro! XO

My Three Sons said...

Your on the right path. God is in control and I will pray that he will keep his healing hands around you to protect your little one and yourself. I'm so glad you posted this so I know specifically what to pray for.

Carson was my hardest pregancy and he ended up coming 2 days shy of a month early. Even though we have some medical issues, he is a very active 3 year old who is actually ahead of motor skills for his age.

Take care and please take it easy. Besides, what a great excuse to rest up knowing that another baby is going to take more energy from you. LOL

Meg said...

Everything will work out -you have a fantastic attitude with a supportive family which is most important. :)