Friday, February 26, 2010

Gideon Update

Gideon saw his allergist for his first check up today since his initial visit a month ago. The doctor was pleased with his progress. Nearly NO sign of eczema and he went from 3-6 poopies a day to 1-2 except 3 on the day after I flubbed and gave him a buttermilk biscuit. He says to keep doing what we're doing as far as food goes and we can lighten up on some of the hidden dairy ingredients. We think Gideon's eczema wasn't completely gone because of his swim classes. I loved the docs response to my telling him that the eczema came back when his swim classes started *shrug* "what're ya gonna do, the kid's gotta learn how to swim." I LOVE reasonable doctors. So he gave us a bunch of information on doing hydrating skin treatments at home, what lotions to use, what hydrocortizone cream to use, what antibiotic cream to use if/when it gets angry...

He also cautioned us that he really thinks Gideon will develop more allergies, that the eczema gives a pathway to the immune system and all that. Not to say he's going to end up allergic to everything but the doc REALLY stresses the use of a multi-vitamin + zinc and daily probiotics to help fight allergies and help him from developing more allergies.

Also, he says Gideon has every symptom of a dust mite allergy he just isn't testing positive for it. The doc thinks he will someday. So we're going to get an extra air filter for the house. The doc was also great here saying that the Honeywell brand is the only brand tested and proven to be useful in this area and not to bother spending more than $150. Anything over that is overkill and a waste of money. Good to know.

ALSO - I mentioned at one point that I couldn't lift anymore and after he was done with Gideon he turned and asked "So, how are YOU doing?" and I told him about my placenta previa and velamentous cord insertion. Know what he said? Didn't think so. Anyway, he said his daughter had the SAME conditions. BOTH! I was amazed since I've met many that have had one or the other but never both. But she did have both and had to be extra, extra cautious and he said they celebrated every week that passed and in the end she ended up having TWO ultrasounds each WEEK to check on everything but carried to term. The baby was small (well, 6 lb which isn't entirely small) but is growing like a weed now and is a month old.

He told me we do NOT have to do a no-wheat trial and we don't have to see a GI specialist and to bring Gideon back in 6 months for his next check-up and that if I need anything to just call. He was so nice to say that he understands that getting around is going to be nuts for a while and that he's perfectly willing to do whatever we need to over the phone.

Lastly, when we first got to the appointment Gideon got all excited about getting out of the van and when I opened the door he threw his sippy cup out. Wouldn'tcha know it bounced and then rolled half way under the mini-van parked next to us. Arg! There was no way I was going to be able to fetch it. But then a car pulled in a couple spaces down and a scruffy man with a cigarette in his mouth hopped out. He was my angel for the day and was more than happy to get down on his belly on a dirty parking garage floor to get Gideon's sippy cup for this ol' pregnant lady. God bless him!

Praising God today for small and big steps with Gideon's health and wonderful doctors and strangers who are angels.


Jessy said...

So glad you found this doc! He sounds wonderful! I may be calling you for advice on the eczema...Houston is the only one in the house who doesn't have it! You'll be my go-to gal for flare-ups. =}

Marfa said...

So glad to hear the doctor's story about a baby with the same conditions as your little one in the womb. Hopefully all will go as well! Isn't that sweet of that man to go get Gideon's cup.
Your cup runneth over.
From Psalms 23:5