Monday, February 8, 2010


From the bathroom when Gabe and Zion were supposed to be washing for dinner. Apparently Zion who is potty training decided to do her business before washing. All I heard was Gabe say "You can't do it like I do because you don't have a p*nis" (and I asterisk that because I don't want anybody randomly Googling that word to find my blog that way).

As I'm chuckling to myself I hear Rob, who is also in the kitchen with me, say "I fixed a p*nis today." More laughter on my part as he explains that at his job they have a machine (apparently girl ones and boy ones) that tests diapers. Said unit had a leaky ...uh ... unit. *smirk*

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Forest Wife said...

OH MY!!! you live in a crazy, normal house!! :o)