Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day!

Was it a good one? Do you shudder in disdain over the commercialism or embrace the day with all things pink and red and heart-shaped? I admit that I don't so much enjoy holidays that are based on spending money on sweets and useless trinkets. I want the kids to receive something more than sugar and plastic. Thursday night I was headed out to knit (Rob took the kids to swim class, what a guy!) and received a sudden inspiration of giving the kids Valentine's Day cards but signing them from God. So Saturday night Rob and I sat down and considered what He might have to say to our children. We told them how lovely they are, creative, loving... and then signed each card "Love, God". We left each card at their spot at the kitchen table so this morning when we sat down to breakfast they found them. They loved them, it was awesome and felt so much better than leaving them a card from us or little candy hearts or whatnot. I'm not against treats and such but this just felt so good. I hope to make it a tradition from now on.

After breakfast we went to church and it was a lovely service. Zion was super thrilled to go to Sunday School again and Gideon seems to be doing just fine as the only one of our kids in nursery at the moment. The message was especially appropriate considering that our pastor was simply maintaining a schedule of teaching about the book of John and didn't alter the dates. Today we were in chapter 13 which, among other things, has Jesus telling his disciples (us included) that others will know we are Christians by our love. Love, love, love. The theme we tried to talk to our children about all day. What can we do to show love? To show others we care for them.

After church we went out for a special lunch at Applebees. Gabe blessed the meal and asked God that we would be able to show people love today. What a sweetie. We got to show our waitress love today by repeatedly forgiving her continuous errors regarding our order. ;0)

Later in the day we celebrated with another special meal, a tradition started by my mother. Pink food for Valentine's Day. Last night Rob made such a great dinner (chicken, roast vegetables, asparagus and crusty rolls) that I suggested we keep it simple and have pancakes. It's one of the kids' favorites anyway so why not have a meal everyone will love on a special day? Add a few chocolate chips and a few drops of food coloring to tint them pink and voila - the perfect pink dinner.

We had a lovely day and I hope you did too. Remember on this day most of all, Who loves you the most.

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Jessy said...

What a great idea! Sounds like a love-ly day! ;}