Friday, February 19, 2010

Pregnancy Update and A Smile

Just a few thoughts of note. On Monday I had my first appointment with my midwife since the ultrasound. She confirmed that I do have complete placenta previa and said it won't move. Not, it's "unlikely" to move but that it "won't". I kind of feel OK about this because that means the cord won't be compromised by the placenta moving. Of course, I'm also majorly bummed because I have no chance of a natural delivery. I will for sure (barring a miracle which God could supply) be having a c-section. My midwife, Nancy, said that she would set up an appointment for me to meet the doctor who will be doing my c-section when I am about 30 weeks along. If there are no other complications with the pregnancy (like bleeding) the c-section will be when I'm about 38 weeks along.

Let's do a little math here. You know, just for fun (cause everyone who knows me knows that I would do math just for fun - HA!).

The baby is due June 29. 38 weeks is 2 weeks early that = 14 days. June 29 minus 14 days is June 15 (right?). That means that my c-section could be the day before my 8th wedding anniversary. Not how I would ever plan on celebrating. I only mention this because I just realized it today.

Apparently Zion only just realized my belly is getting bigger. Odd since it practically smacks her in the face anytime I turn around. But yesterday she put her hands on either side and said "Wow." I said, "Yeah, it gets bigger as the baby grows." I expected some comment that could be construed as an insult to an adult but would be an innocent observation to a child. No. Instead I got "That. Is SO. Cool." Yeah. Yeah, it is cool.


Jessy said...

=D Nothing profound, just grins on this one!

Forest Wife said...

That. Is. So. Cool!!! I love your kids and I am happy you are having another one. I hope all goes well for you.
Out of my 4 kids I ended up with 1 C-section also but it was my 3rd so that made the 4th a VBAC. And all went well!
Here's to your and wonderful family. Keep doing the great work that you are! (((hugs)))