Friday, February 6, 2009


Remember a while back when I reported that our dog, Towzer, had nipped Gabe? Well I sought a recommendation for a behavior specialist at our vet's office and received the name of Kathy Sdao at Bright Spot Dog Training. Towzer and I met with her on Wednesday and I fought the urge to slap my forehead through much of our meeting. A lot of what she recommended were things that we used to do with Towz. Feeding him using food puzzle toys (he's ultra smart and needs to have that mental stimulation) and playing games. Her training philosophy is a stark contrast to the trainer we used when Towzer was a pup and that is a good thing. No, a GREAT thing. Against my instincts that trainer convinced us to use techniques that I was uncomfortable with and ended up having a detrimental effect on Towzer and his trust of us. We have lots of "homework"to do but I am confident that we're on the right track now. He is such a very cool dog as anyone who has met him agrees (well, except for maybe Nora but that's just because she's the antithesis of a dog-person but she's my best friend, what can ya do?).

Look at that handsome mug!

Cooling off last summer with Gabe.

Maisy and Towzer, best friends.

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