Friday, February 6, 2009

Contest Alert!

Oh me, oh my, oh MeeUp! There's a contest goin' on over at 4 Little Men and Girly Twins and you can win yourself a MeeUp baby pouch. Back when I thought granola was a bad word (and WAY before "granola" became "crunchy" when describing an all natural - or mostly natural - way of mothering) I would have scoffed at the thought of "wearing" my baby. Granted, this was also during a time when I didn't like children but it took a long, long time for that feeling to wear off. Well many things have changed since then and I love to wear Gideon now. OK, I haven't actually worn him in a while but that's because he outgrew my baby sling so I really, really hope that I win this contest. Yeah, I know, slim chance but still. I really, really hope that I win so I can start wearing him again. Especially since today I took out the Wii Fit and tried to hula hoop while holding him. He loved it, laughed the whole time, I can't say much for my score though. It didn't help that Zion thought she'd try too and by try I mean stand in between my legs and laugh herself hysterical. Picture it, me on the Wii Fit board, toddler between my legs, baby in my arms all of us laughing our heads off. Good times, good times.

So am I still a "crunchy" mom if I want the sling so that I can wear my baby while I hula hoop on my Wii Fit?

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My Three Sons said...

If you can hula hoop while wearing a sling, I want pictures! LOL

I sure could have used that a while back when I was lugging Carson to all of his brothers soccer games. I saw that post but Carson is a on the go two year old and I don't think it will work out.