Sunday, February 1, 2009


I would have blown milk out of my nose when I saw this.

Had I actually been drinking at the time.

The trainer holding the tray of cupcakes is trying to teach Stains the dog to "leave it" (only she uses the command "away" only that seems awkward to me so I revert back to the command that I'm used to). His face is awesome.
Kind of reminds me of this picture of Gabe that I took when he was three-months old that also involves a stare down with a cupcake.


My Three Sons said...

Very cute picture of your son. I'm cracking up over that.

The dog's expresson is very funny. I wonder how long they are going to make him sit there and look at that cup cake? Poor little fellow, my dogs wouldn't have even lasted as long as I putting those on a plate....nope, they would have hopped up on the table and helped themselves. My dogs think they are cats.

Jessy said...

I watched this over at Cake Wrecks - I think I'm gonna have nightmares of that dog's eyes!!