Saturday, February 14, 2009

Miss Me?

I didn't realize just how long it had been since I'd posted - yikes! What could possibly be keeping me so busy? Maybe this will give you a clue:
Yes. That's me and Rob. No, this is not an old picture. Tee hee. Rob is home on leave and we have been having a blast having him home. Tonight the two of us got to go out to dinner and do a little shopping, mostly for Gabe's birthday which is coming up.

But back to dinner. Our favorite restaurant is Mama Stortini's. I made the reservation weeks ago, before I was even sure that Rob's leave would bring him home on time. I couldn't take any chances with it being Valentine's Day. And it's a good thing. I overheard that if you didn't have a reservation the soonest you could be seated was 10PM, more than five hours after our reservation. Worth it if you're waiting for their Adriatic Chicken, my hands down favorite menu item. Tonight I ordered the filet mignon, prawns, rosemary mashed potatoes and asparagus. Rob had the cedar plank salmon.

Please stop drooling, it's getting all over your keyboard.

The kids have been getting their share of Daddy too. First, we got to pick Rob up at the airport on Tuesday afternoon. The gleeful shouts of "Daddy!" coming from the back seat brought a little joy to the load/unload zone at SeaTac. The next day we went out to lunch and the whole lot of us, even Towzer, went to the park. We were blessed with a sunny day. Unexpected since the day before it was snowing.


Quite the look of mischief there, Gabe.

One of the best photos of the whole day.

Towzer got to try out the Gentle Leader that the behaviorist recommended. I don't know why I didn't try this before, I used something similar on a previous dog. He hated it but seemed to be getting used to it by the end. I'm hoping he'll figure out that when he wears it that it means that he gets to be with us.

Is there a limit to how cute one baby can be? If there is, he just passed it.

Too bad Towz moved his big noggin in the way at the last second. Stinker.


Marfa said...

I am so happy for you. I love that photo of Gideon and Daddy face to face...
Our neighbor uses the gentle leader on her dog, too...and loves it!

My Three Sons said...

WEll I'm just now catching up and how exciting to have Rob home! What a great Valentine's present. I love that pictures. Rob and the babies all look like they are in heaven!