Friday, December 26, 2008

You Know You've Done Something Right

It's no secret that I can get a bit stressed when I'm packing us up to go away for a few days. The to-do list seems too big, I have to pack for four people, remember diapers and wipes and baby stuff, I'm nearly always leaving the house in some sort of disarray, I have to set up the animals with food and water for days and a clean litter box for the cats, and often Gideon is screaming because I won't hold him and Zion is screaming because she is excited to see Tantie and wants to leave NOW! The other day was no exception. I fell going down the stairs, fell going up the stairs, banged my elbow, banged my back, the dog food bag fell over and spilled dog food underneath the dryer, one of the goodies for Christmas was stuck on the cookie sheet, I had packages to get ready to mail, a car to load and I haven't even packed yet. In the midst of this chaos and my running back and forth through the house and being a bit short with the kids Gabe stops me and tells me he's sorry that I'm upset and, get this, asks "Mama, would it help if I said a prayer for you?" Screeeech!!!! Talk about putting on my brakes and filling me with a sense of peace. He does pray and it's a great prayer and suddenly I can go about calmly again and I am amazed with him and the knowledge that somewhere, sometime, I did something right with that one. Thank you, God.


Peter and Abby said...

Oh, That made me cry. Go Gabe way to save the day! Go Mama! Way to teach him who to trust in!

Jeremy and Laura Lebow said...

It's so funny how the kids get it better than we do sometimes. That's awesome.

My Three Sons said...

What a sweet boy. We travel about once a month for soccer and I'm the same way. I pack more things for the baby than I do for the soccer playing that I'm taking. I'm glad you made it and just remember that there is always a Wal-Mart somewhere.LOL