Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today I "kidnapped" Gabe and just he and I went to see Bolt.

How fun was that?!

I thought you'd ask so let me tell you.

First, by lunch he was still in his PJs so I told him he'd better get dressed if we were going to go out. He said "I don't want to go out." in his chipper happy way that communicates that he's perfectly happy to stay home and play trains all day. So I told him that the babysitter would be here in an hour and if we were going to see Bolt he needed to be dressed. He looked at me in stunned silence and fell right over. Splat. On the ground. Don't worry. He does this when he's trying to show how surprised and happy he is about something. It is really funny when he does it though.

So shortly after I put Zion down for nap the babysitter came and took over with Gideon and Gabe and I headed out. Tuesdays is free popcorn day at Regal Cinemas and our local theater is a Regal so I got two popcorns and a medium drink for $5. Woohoo!

Gabe loved the movie but if you ask him he'll say "it was a bit too scary for me." It was only the second to last scene that has a - wait. Maybe you want to see this and haven't yet. OK, if that's the case, stop reading. If you don't care, scroll down.

Is it safe?

OK, the second to last scene has a scary fire where the dog, Bolt and his person, Penny, are caught and it is uncertain if they will get out. Otherwise, he thought the movie was funny and really like the pigeons. I too liked the pigeons and thought it was great how the pigeons' personalities changed depending on what part of the country they lived in, the Hollywood pigeons were particularly funny. Still, my favorite was Rhino the hamster and I think you'll hear that a lot.

I did find it irritating that the previews before the movie seemed nearly as long as the movie and one of them was definitely inappropriate for the age group (my 4-year old does NOT need to see a man photocopying his butt even if said man is a cartoon and even if it did make me chuckle) but if your youngster can handle a little "peril" (why this movie is a PG and not G movie) then I recommend it.

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