Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Experiencing Life (Take Two)

I tried so hard to write this post yesterday but Blogger was not cooperating so here I am to try again.

Woohoo! It worked!

Can you believe that Gideon is 7-months old? It's hard for me to believe it? He has been experiencing so many new things lately. One of his favorites was "Lasagna with meat sauce" which translated from baby food-ese means "overcooked, mushy pasta in a highly staining glop". He loved it, squealed for the next bite over and over again.

Oh yeah, look at that face (even blurry from moving too quickly).

He also got moved up to a big boy car seat. This was a long time coming actually. Poor kid was getting jammed into his infant carseat a while after he was too big for it. I bought his new carseat a while ago but it had such a strong smell I had to let it sit in the garage for weeks before I put it in the car. Gideon has sensitive skin it seems so I wanted to make sure the fabric got to air out and now he can sit in it without getting a rash.

We were hanging out at my sister's Thanksgiving weekend when she decorated for Christmas so he got to experience his first Christmas tree. He loved it! And the ribbons he got to chew on while I took pictures.

Speaking of Thanksgiving, he really, really loves mashed potatoes. That's them all over his face.

And frozen bagel. He says "yum!"

I very much think he's going to be like Zion and only want to feed himself very quickly. She hit that mark by nine months or so and had a fit any time we tried to spoon feed her. She also quit taking purees very early. If it wasn't chunky, it wasn't going in.

This picture totally reminds me of that "Friends" episode where Monica put the whole turkey on her head and danced for Chandler to make him forgive her (for what I don't remember). Whole turkey, duck basket, same diff right.

Sorry for the blur, sometimes I don't use flash and sometimes it works out and sometimes not. This ones in the middle somewhere. Anyway, one of Gideon's favorite things to do is sit in front of the toy basket and empty all the toys out shaking and chewing on each one in turn.

He really, really likes it.

Well, that makes up for some of my absense on the blog lately and any frustration you may feel over a shortage of Gideon pictures. I hope to be back in the blogging saddle like old times very soon.


Holly said...

What a cute little boy he is!! My dd is a week away from being 7 months and she's not sitting on her own yet. LOL. Holly

The Schueler Family said...

You must have calculated wrong, he can't possibly be 7 months. Then again, he looks so grownup in the car seat pic. What a cutie!

My Three Sons said...

He is so beautiful. I love the food pics. Babies always photo well for those kind of pictures.