Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Well, we finally have sickness out of the house - at least for now and I hope for a long time. We've been no less busy however. Jamie left on Tuesday, her stay extended by illness as well, Wednesday was a catch up day and prepare for Thanksgiving which included nearly burning the pecan pie. Arg! Thursday through Sunday night was stayed with my sister for holiday fun and a wee bit of shopping. Jamie went out with a friend for Black Friday while the kids and I opted for a far quieter activity and just got together with some friends. Yesterday we were busy with shopping, activities at the Y and then ended up having dinner with Nora and family. Today was MOPS, the library and dinner out. Currently I'm staring at a mountain of laundry the size of a small car (wanna guess who goes through the most clothes? I bet most of you won't get it first try) a coffee table covered with mail, a floor and couch buried under bags of supplies for Christmas goodies and a to-do list a mile long. Gideon has just woken up for the third time in 2 1/2 hours (his sleeping is worse than ever) and I wish there were three of me. One to do laundry, one to clean house, and the third, the real me, to love on the kids and catch up on sleep since laundry-me can sooth Gideon for real-me in between loads. I may get my Christmas cards out sometime in February. Consider this advance warning. But hey, I have a new toaster oven and that makes me happy. I am ever so fond of toaster ovens. Is that weird? I don't think so. They're like Easy Bake ovens only all grown up. This little box of toasting perfection is also a convection oven and can bake a 12' pizza. *sigh* I think I'm in love. Anyway, back to our regular scheduled programing.

I have a ton of pictures on my camera that I need to download and will do so when I have some free time.

Will you stop laughing already!

With pictures will probably come some more blogging. Sorry I haven't been on much lately. I kind of took a sick week. And then a little Thanksgiving vacation. I promise I'll be back to myself soon and blogging more regularly. Not to mention getting caught up with you all too. I feel so out of the loop lately.

God bless!


My Three Sons said...

I know exactly how you feel. I have been real gung-ho and ready to do lots of blogging even out of town. Then Carson got sick and then the rest of us. I'm just now playing catch up with everyone's blogs. I'm hoping to get some of my pics downloaded as well.

Take care and know I'm in that same boat with the house. I just cannot seem to get ahead. I have dishes, laundry, mail to sort, and Carson's new thing......putting lots of DVD's back in their right case.

Holly said...

So glad you're all feeling better! You sound super busy. I empathize with the Mt. Wash Me & Mt. Fold Me. Enjoyed reading your blog for a bit. You have a beautiful family! Holly