Tuesday, May 4, 2010

This Day

This day I woke up at 7AM (despite my alarm not going off) in plenty of time to have a calm morning getting the kids and I off to MOPS. No rush, no stress.

This day we had plenty of time after MOPS to get Gabe to the bus stop on time and it was sunny while we waited.

This day Gideon screamed for more than an hour after putting him down for nap (I checked on him multiple times to calm him but each time he got upset all over again when I left). Still wondering about those teeth.

This day I had a great story time with Gideon and Zion on the couch. It turned into a physical play time with each wanting to be lifted repeatedly above my head.

This day we shared a yummy dinner of Salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, corn and bread. Yum.

This day I read something funny that I wanted to share with my mom. Only on this day, one year ago, my mom died.

This day I also turned 32 weeks with this baby. I wish I could share that with her too.

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Marfa said...

May you keep the memory of your mom alive in stories you tell with love to your children...
Do you have plans for this weekend? Have a great Mother's day, Julie...you're one awesome knitting mom! We're having a bake sale (church) on Sat and then Sun...we hope to go to my sister's house, if she's had the baby (she was due last week)! So, 32 weeks for you...are you ready?