Sunday, January 20, 2008

Together Again

This is our first weekend together as a family in three weeks. Rob just got home Saturday morning from Guam where he spent his two weeks Navy Reserve time. The time flew by here at home since I kept us all busy. We managed to pack in a MOPS meeting (Moms of PreSchoolers), a dentist appointment for me, the first meeting of my women's Bible study of the year, and a couple of days staying at my sister's house among other things. Then the last week a friend of mine from when we lived in Rhode Island came to stay. That was a wonderful time with the exception of all of us managing to pick up colds. "Welcobe hobe, Honey! Achoo!" It's been a good reason to keep us all home and taking it easy while we adjust to being a two parent household again. But I sure wish Zion was in a better mood. She got the worst of it, poor thing, she's miserable and can't sleep. Her fever broke yesterday morning (thank God!) but she's still coughing something terrible and so stuffy.

Meanwhile, Gabe's runny nose hasn't slowed him down a bit. He's crazy happy that his Daddy is home. It's all we can do to get him to stop running laps around the house

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