Sunday, January 27, 2008

Belly Shots

Well, it's official, we are entering the third trimester - I've finally hit the seventh month. Oi! It's hard to think about how long that is really. Last summer when we vacationed I was pregnant - ahhh! Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years - pregnant! Come Valentine's Day and Easter and I will most likely (and hopefully really) still be pregnant! And I feel huge so please don't bother telling me that I'm huge. Really, why do people feel it necessary to tell pregnant women that they look huge and/or tired?! Honestly! We really would prefer that you lie if necessary.

OK, I'd better change the subject before I get too heated. Zion is getting her usual personality back after being sick and we are all remembering why we love her so much. She keeps us in stitches and if she discovers that something she does makes you laugh, she will do it over and over. She is also getting her appetite back. That girl is going to eat us out of house and home. Tonight for dinner we had chicken fajitas. We gave her some tortilla shell, and cut up peices of red pepper, green pepper, and chicken and threw some shredded cheese on her plate and she ate every bit and more. She keeps signing "more", "more" and "please" and pointing to things she wants. Then she discovered the sour cream and ate it by the spoonful. She even ate pieces of lettuce. Finally she signed "all done" and let us get her down. Naturally, Gabe ate barely what we made him because he subsists on what he gleans from the air. They are both so funny!

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Anne McEvoy said...

Hey Julie,

I think you look great! Just think three little ones, what a blessing!