Saturday, January 26, 2008

A Breakthrough!

Gabriel has never been much for coloring. He would sometimes put a scribble or two on a page but then he'd be done. For a long time he boycotted coloring entirely. The perfectionist side of him winning out anytime he picked up a crayon. He would look at the page, realize he couldn't make it look like what he wanted to and he would pass the crayon back to you and sadly say "I can't, you do it." It broke my heart.

But lately he's been coming around and having a lot of fun painting, drawing and coloring. All of a sudden he's been cranking out pictures of trains and houses and making up his own puzzles which consist of a scribble of lines and you're supposed to figure out which line leads to the triangle (or whatever) he drew. It's been a lot of fun to see this part of Gabe finally emerge since I love art. Drawing and coloring are still a big part of my life (though not as big as I'd like for them to be) and I've longed for someone to color with.

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