Monday, January 28, 2008

Snow Day!

We awoke this morning to a blanket of snow over everything. Rob, who was contemplating a sick day anyway, decided to work from home. Thus started our family snow day. Rob made pancakes, mmmmm! Zion it turns out loves to dip things. When she ran out of pancakes and syrup she licked her plate clean.

Rob had a teleconference at 11. While he was on the phone and computer it was my job to keep the kids busy until he was through so we could all go out and play. It wasn't easy, Gabe was beside himself with excitement. Zion was excited because Gabe was excited. Finally, I let them have races up the stairs to go get dressed. Gabe always wins but Zion puts in a valiant effort. For her it's more about the fun than it is about winning so she is thrilled just at the chance to go up the stairs on her own. Once we were all dressed Rob was done and then the search for hats and matching gloves begins. What a pain! So finally we are all ready and get to go outside.

After investigating the conditions, no too icy, and making cursory rounds of the yard we begin to make Gabe and Zion's first snowman. Rob helped to push the snow into balls, Gabe threw snow at Rob while he worked, Zion surpervised, and I took pictures. Everybody has their job. Then we collected bits and pieces, sticks that the rose bushes had shed became arms and small stones from the pathway next to the house for the facial features. Naturally once it came time to taking a picture of everyone it was impossible to get one picture of them all looking at the camera at once, the snowman being the most cooperative. Oh well, such as it is with kids.

All in all we've had a good day, especially now that after some hot cocoa and lunch the kids are deep into snow induced naps.

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