Saturday, September 22, 2012

TEN! - Part I

A couple of years ago (boy, time flies - how many times will I say that, really) I was planning a little getaway just for myself.  A weekend to take off and recharge.  While I was researching places to stay I found Thornewood Castle and it just happens to be within an hour’s drive of us.  I immediately fell in love.  Who wouldn’t?  I knew we couldn’t justify the expense for my little solo getaway but I asked Rob if we could start saving for our tenth anniversary.  Still I was dubious.  Would we really truly make it happen?  Well we did I’m happy to say.  And in true Julie fashion here I am MONTHS later to tell you about it.  LOL

First, my sister came to stay with the kids.  Apparently she brought a tent which she erected IN my living room.  Ha!  The kids definitely had a great time while we were gone!

Then Rob and I headed out.  Ah, sweet freedom!  We grabbed dinner out and watched a GORGEOUS sunset!


This house is not where we stayed but was across the street from the park where we watched the sun set and it was just too cute!


We not only got to watch the sun set but also a fog roll in and a lightning storm.  I didn’t have a tripod in order to catch the lightning though but that’s OK, it was still a great night.

Afterward we headed to “our” castle and we met by cozy robes and a huge heart-shaped Jacuzzi tub in our fancy little suite.


Off to edit more photos…

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