Saturday, September 8, 2012

First Days of School

Yes, first dayS, because Gideon and Gabe started school on Wednesday and Zion started today, Friday.  I did not want school to start or summer to come to a close (though it was about 90 degrees today so our summer is in no way over with).  I love having my kids at home.  Alas, the dayS came. 

First came time to drop off my sweet Gideon.  I was not sure that he would let me, he is my homebody, preferring to hunker down with a show or toy than go anywhere – ever!  But he did well.  All morning Zion had been coaching him on what to expect since she went there last year.  What a great big sis!

So here we are, about to enter the school…and he’s more interested in eyeing the playground behind me.


Then he needs to sign in.  Our summer was so nuts we didn’t do much teaching at home so I brought my highlighter, wrote his name and he wrote over it.  I was surprised today at how many letters he was already able to do today, his second day, even though I didn’t write it out first.


Then Zion showed him where to put his back pack and where to find a toy and he was all ready for me to leave.  Just like that. *sigh*


I had no time for emotions, I had one more to get to school this morning.  So home we went and I packed Gabe’s lunch complete with a special note and a little pack of Smarties candy. 


I’m not yet sure if I feel we are lucky in that we are living with the “walking zone”, I’d much rather a bus pick them up, but walking isn’t so bad (though most days I will drive them). 


He allowed me just a couple of pictures and then said “I have it from here, Mom.”  Why do they have to grow up so fast?  *sniff*


On the way home Zion has to climb and have her picture taken. 


And I take a shot of random grass.  I love Fall (except for sending my kids back to school).


Fast forward to Friday and I’ve got three to get to school.  Zion starts Kindergarten today, Gideon has a second day of PreK (he goes three days a week for 2 1/2 hours) and Gabe has his third day of third grade.  First, Gabe and Zion and Gideon wants in on Zion’s photo so we do a silly one first.


Then just Zion in her sassy outfit.


Then we go find her classroom, where to put her bag and her desk.  She has been looking forward to this for years.  I might have cried if I wasn’t trying to keep Elias wrangled.  He is a good distraction.


And before we knew it we’d survived our first week of school.  Liked it even.  Today I went shopping with only one child while the other three were at school.  I guess there is a benefit or two to sending the kids off to school.  Maybe.

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