Sunday, October 7, 2012

We Have Puppies!

Two weeks ago we put deposits on two Anatolian Shepherd/Great Pyrenees puppies.  These breeds were developed as Livestock Guardian Dogs (LGDs) and are meant to live with the animals they guard 24/7.  It will be difficult for us, to raise adorable puppies and not bring them in the house for cuddles but we’re up for the challenge!

After realizing we were getting the pups, a sister and brother, I started researching names.  I wanted good strong names that mean defender or protector or the like.  I fell in love with names like Titus (defender) and Argus (vigilant protector) for the boy but the girl name was harder.  I discovered that Trudy means “maiden of the spear” or “strong spear” but I wasn’t sure I loved the name.  The nickname “Tru” sounded kind of cool though.  Still I wasn’t sure.  We need to get to know them I guess.

Yesterday we got to go pick up our 9-week old pups (though one of them ended up NOT being one we chose, there was a mix up, but we’re keeping her and it seems a good fit so far) and bring them home.  Today after church we broke down the stock panels making the goat enclosure and moved them inside the new goat yard and put them back up to make a home for the pups.  The pups kept us company the whole time under Zion’s watchful eye.  We also got the goats’ new stall in the barn ready for them and now they get to sleep in the barn with direct access to their yard.  No more shuffling goats back and forth from the old goat run to the chicken yard and back again at night.  Yay! 

So at the end of the day we were all exhausted!  Evidence:


That’s Titus in the front.  We all loved that name.  The kids wanted to name the girl Leah though and I wasn’t in love with that one, so we compromised.  We’re calling her Trulea (like truly) a combination of the Trudy and Leah.

There will be many more pictures to come of this sweet duo, we’re smitten already!

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Kate Watson said...

Why did you choose Anatolian Shepherd? I have 2 adorable beagles to guard my sunflower yard from bad chickens. Btw, Anatolian Shepherd is cute! The pups look like Golden Retriever pups!