Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Actual Vacation

I thought I should return quickly after the sad post so I can talk a little bit about what we did on vacation that was fun.  We did have a LOT of fun despite the stuff that was yucky. 

Our first full day we head down to a series of trails and take a walk and wade in the river.  Well, most of us wade, two of us ended up dunking themselves. 


Later we head to the pool.  Gabe prefers being under the water.  I’m so impressed with how well he did since it’s been a while since we’ve been in the water.


We had foaties and water wings for the other kids.  Every day they got more confident in the water.  Elias on the other hand was too confident from the start.  He was thoroughly convinced he needed neither floatie nor parent while in the water and was constantly trying to push out of our arms.


One night was went to the park next door but even though it was almost 6 o’clock at night it was still in the 90s and too hot for the kids to play long.


So we went and got ice cream.  I thought it was funny that Gabe chose mint chip, Rob’s favorite, and Zion chose bubblegum, one of my favorites, even though we so rarely go for ice cream that they couldn’t have known. 


Another day we went to a trail that used to be a water pipeline.  Zion grabbed an umbrella out of the van for portable shade, clever girl.


This bridge is actually the water pipeline cut in half so that you walk on the inside of the pipe.  The view is gorgeous.


It’s once again too hot to hike for long so we return to the trail head and play in the river.  Elias jumps right in.


I realized earlier today that I forgot hiking sandals so we had to stop at a sports store.  I ended up getting Vibram FiveFingers.  They look ridiculous and like they’d be more suitable as slippers than shoes for hiking but they were great.  I am terrible unstable on uneven terrain but these made me feel so stable and I was able to go right from the trail to climbing down boulders and then into the water and back to the trail.  Sweet!  (And do you see the fish by my foot, how cute is that.)


Zion and Gabe brought suits and had a great time in the river!


Another day we did a series of events, first mini-golfing where Elias got to golf for the first time ever, then we went to see Ice Age4 (super funny!) and then to the arcade to play games.  And it was very nice for us that all these things were at the same location.  Yay!


Gideon adopts a unique stance for putt-putt.


The kids loved the fountain.  I kept thinking that the little building behind it would make the cutest chicken coop EVER!


How a mommy golfs.


One of the employees took our picture.  Rob is sitting on the rock so he looks tiny and I look like a giant.  LOL


We end the day with a stop at a bakery that make only cookies.  And fantastic cookies they are!  Elias seems to want one of every kind.


That’s not all we did but I’ll save some for later.

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