Monday, December 19, 2011

Fa La La

Tis the season for holiday concerts fa la la la la la la la la!

Zion had her school concert and it was an honest to goodness holiday concert as in actual Christmas songs.  Zion had been looking forward to it for weeks.  A couple of days before I bought her the shiny shoes she’d be eyeing at the store for weeks.  She was SO excited she posed seriously for pictures (no tongue sticking out!) and left her hair band in (pretty much a life time first).


Gabe also had his school concert and, well, I’ll try not to speak too negatively.  Of course I loved seeing my son on stage singing with his classmates.  It makes me sad that, even though the school plans the concert for right before the holidays that they include no holiday music.  Winter themed songs yes (and one 1 or  out of all of them), holiday, no.  I remember the concerts I was in when I was a kid and it just makes me sad.  Still, we celebrated Gabe and his chance to perform and that’s what counts.  Here he is in one of his three songs (only three, the rest of the time, and it was a looooong time, we watched other people’s children perform – and most of that time we were sitting on the floor, oh wait, I’m being negative).


Did I mention that it was my birthday?  And I was sick.  Still it wasn’t an entirely bad day.  Rob got up and instead of leaving for work he made me yummy muffins for breakfast and he and the kids gave me a birthday present.


And the sunrise was gorgeous.


That’s our cat Eva.  She’s hunting birds.  I know it’s natural and stuff but I really wish she wouldn’t do it.  Naughty kitty.

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The Johnsons said...

Crazy cool picture of your cat! What was your present, was it the Harry Potter DS game in the background? Happy birthday!