Sunday, December 18, 2011

Happy Holidays!

And busy holidays.  And kind of sick.  Off and on weird sick days have just made things kind of mellow. I think it took me two weeks just to decorate the house.  But it’s finally done!  Well, except for the decorations I didn’t get put up yet but there’s still time. 

We have a tree and it has lights and ornaments and the kids had a blast decorating.   I had a blast trying to keep them under control. Um, yeah.

We once again hit up a local tree farm, the service is great and it’s pretty quick and they give us candy canes and hot cocoa.  Then I take a bunch of pictures and realize you can either have Zion being silly…


…or Elias and Gabe. 


The next day we decorate, Elias was hilarious.  He kept stealing ornaments already on the tree the plunging his whole arm into the tree depositing the ornament on the thick branches in the middle.  We kept have to part the bushy branch ends to find the ornaments he’d squirreled away inside. 


After I force some posed pictures.  And yes, one of my children is missing.  I’m still playing catch up.



And the fun isn’t over.  At least not for me, because I love close-ups of ornaments.



I hope you are enjoying your holidays!  Tomorrow is our first should-be-in-school day of the holiday break.  I’m stoked!  (Though I still wish I had more time before Christmas!)

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Cedar said...

I always love that last pretty and just perfect for Christmas.