Friday, February 3, 2012


About the disappearing act that is.  First the holidays, which were great.  We had an awesome Christmas.  But January was a wash.  At the beginning we learned that my father-in-law, who had recently been diagnosed with cancer, was not doing well so we planned a short notice trip to Michigan.  Rob, Gabe and I fly out while the other three stayed with my sister, Jamie. 

We had a great visit in Michigan.  Bill perked up a bit with us there though it was clear that the cancer was marching on.  Then the state of Washington got blasted with snow and ice.  Like nothing I’ve ever seen before. Ever.  We lost electricity in addition to many limbs from all of our trees (major sadness).  We were out for three days others were out for a week or more.  We did fine at home though.  It was cold but we have a gas hot water heater so we had hot water and a gas stove so we could cook hot food.

Then just as I thought things would settle and normalize (ha!) we got the call just hours ago that Bill may not make it through the night.  Rob already had a ticket to fly out tomorrow night but he’s found an earlier flight out in the morning.  We’re hoping Bill holds on until he can get there.

On a happier note, this morning before we knew that Bill’s health had deteriorated so drastically, I had a mini-photo shoot with my boy Gideon.  He is so, so funny and enjoyed giving me some faces for the camera.  His only fee?  Getting to see the back of the camera.  He reacts like he won the lottery every time “LOOK!  There I am!”


That is all.


Cedar said...

Very cute! I think the second one is my favorite!

I'm really sorry about Rob's dad...and that you'll miss the photowalk.

Marfa said...

I will pray for your father-in-law, Bill. It's really hard to watch people suffer. Sometimes if they feel ready, spiritually, I think it's better to let go...let God take care of the rest.
Well, thankfully you have a gas furnace and stove...though I am a bit jealous of the snow. WE've hardly had any this year, which is really unusual. Doesn't feel like winter at all in Ohio.
So Gideon's hair and bright blue eyes...